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About us

PenPrintShop, based in Melbourne, offers you a wide selection and choice of pens and printing options. Our shop makes use of various kinds of pens, both premium and regular, and quality printing options for your brand and company. Pens are the perfect way to get in touch with many people at once. The reason behind pen promotions being one of the best and most effective methods of promotion for your business is that everyone uses pens and we use them for everything. Our shop offers you just that!

Pen Printing Services across Australia

Our unique shop offers you the luxury of gifting beautiful metal pens, premium pens or perhaps mechanical pens to business partners or customers to leave a lasting impression. For any business to flourish you require two things, quality, and promotion. Our personalized pens will offer you both. Get your custom logo on pens or a custom banner; we will do it all for you. Apart from this, if you aim at getting regular pens, you can simply browse through our shop and pick the one you like. Although pen printing is an old concept, we believe that we a person wants to make a mark pen printing is the way to go!

Our product range is wide and enormous. We have something for everyone here. Our prices are genuine, and we offer you only the products you require. With easy prices as low as 5 cents our prices can go above 2 dollars as well.The quality of our products is unmatched, and we make sure that our services are second to none.

Custom Pen Printing

If you need to get a custom design on your pens, we offer you that as well. You can map out your design and create an electronic vector and send it us in a PDF format for business pens. We’ll take it from there and crystalize your ideas into reality. Our prices are affordable, and we keep our quality of pens and printing high. We understand that pens are the perfect way to leave a mark and get your business known. We promise to deliver our goods in perfect condition.

Our website offers you the price range for various kinds of bulk orders. We even do orders above 5000 pens for a single bulk, get in touch with us for such orders, their prices and for more information on the same by writing to us at [email protected] or by calling us at 03 8595 5246 for your queries!