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5 Reasons To Use Pen As A Promotional Product

5 Reasons To Use Pen As A Promotional Product
Posted on July 6, 2018

A business cannot thrive in the market without a good customer base.

Though digital promotion has taken over the traditional methods, promotional products are still in vogue.

Pens are one of the best promotional tools on which a company can depend to a large extent.

Though many businesses use promotional tools like custom t-shirts, promotional mugs, fancy bottles, personalized diaries etc., pens can have no competition at all. We will tell you why. Read on.

1. Pens are inexpensive

The first reason to choose a pen as a marketing tool is that it is inexpensive. You do not have to invest much in this promotional activity.

move my stuff pen
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Pens are sold in bulk and you can get these at very affordable rates. Engraving your company’s name and logo will also get done at budget-friendly prices. So, isn’t that a great reason to choose pens as the most cost-effective promotional tool?

Therefore, if you run a removal company and looking to create a cost-effective marketing tool then pens are an ideal way to promote your business among your local customers.

2. Pens are highly usable

A study has shown that pens area highly tangible marketing tool.

writing through pen

Pens are used everywhere, from home to office to any public place. If the pen has your company name and logo your brand will get a good amount of exposure. Other promotional items may or may not be used regularly.

3. Pens are better than business cards

When clients or customers come to meet, people often hand them their business card. Sometimes these get misplaced or when the requirement arises one needs to find the card from a bundle of papers or cards. But, pens have a different story.

zerospot Cleaners Pen


The one to whom you hand over the pen can contact you anytime through the number printed on it and since, it is usable there are minimum chances of it getting misplaced.

4. Pens get shared

Pens get shared; people borrow pens for signing or writing something.

pens shared

This means that your brand will get more exposure even outside your target audience. It may also happen that someone who has borrowed your pen notices your brand and starts searching for your products on the search engines.

5. Pens have a longer shelf life

Advertising in the form of custom pens has a longer shelf life. Traditional advertising forms like TV ads or the digital forms like putting popup ads or highlight on social media have chances of getting overlooked.

How to let’s explain, On TV you may skip the ad and change the channel; in case of pop up ads generally people don’t click on them and while browsing your social media account, you may scroll down overlooking the product.

But, if you have a promotional pen while writing you will definitely notice the brand and the logo and the people around you will also see the same.

We bet you can’t go wrong with pens as a promotional product.

Pens have been used as a promotional tool for the past three decades.

You need a good pen printing shop to use creativity to print your brand name and logo on the pen.

If you are still not using this tangible marketing tool, start doing so now!

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