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Personalized Pens are a must for marketing campaigns

Personalized Pens are a must for marketing campaigns
Posted on March 12, 2018

A pen is an important tool for, well, everyone. We cannot imagine a world without a pen. Pens are designed for displaying your ideas on a surface. Pen printing business is a thriving business all over the world. It leads to the creation of personalized pens that are considered as important promotional items used for brand marketing. This is because pens are widely used by millions of users on a daily basis.

Pens marked with the name and logo of the brand is very effective in popularising the brand. You just hand over the pen to a person, and they’ll definitely notice the name of the company etched on the body of the pen every time they use it.You might have noticed that during some conference or admission process or any such event, you might receive a brochure and a pen with it.

In some cases, there is a schedule of events and a notepad provided. So you might have noticed the pen has some brand name printed on its surface. That brand may be a sponsor or associate. Same goes in case of hotels. Sometimes you receive pens from the hotel with the name of the hotel etched on the body thus promoting the lodging provider. All of the above are perfect examples of pen printing.

Benefits of Custom Logo Pens:

We are listing some of the important pen printing benefits below:

  • Useful: Pens are highly useful and daily used. We might take it granted but imagine a scenario where you need to write a phone number or an important message before it leaves your mind and at that exact moment you cannot locate a single pen anywhere, it just crashes your world. Pens get misplaced and lost very easily, and stationery lovers just freak out when people do not return the pens that they earlier borrowed. This way people are more exposed to brands.
  • Affordable: Pen printing is very affordable and frugal. The initial cost of pens is very less, and they are easy to distribute. So a pen can be very economically printed in bulk for promotional purposes and general purposes as well.
  • Free of Cost Advertising: Pens travel the world more than we do that too without the usual hassle of ticket booking, passport, itineraries and what not. Pens can be borrowed, and hence they can end up anywhere. This is ideal for free advertising of your brand even it is specifically not targeting anything.
  • Types and Styles: Promotional pens are available in different styles and variety of designs. Depending upon marketing requirement and budget a brand may wish to give the cheap plastic pens or move to better quality expensive pens. The recipients also play an important role. If you have to impress 5 people, you can definitely give out expensive pens. For promotional purposes involving a larger group of people, it will be feasible to give out the cheap plastic pens. Different type of pens highlight the aura of a different event, and you can go with the design that best suits your brand.
  • Constant Reminder: Pen printing involves the print of the name and logo of your brand. So it increases the possibility of the person getting to know your brand every time they use that particular pen. This might trigger the curiosity nerves in them, and they might end up checking out your company.  Pens are like business cards, only better because they’ll never end up in the dustbin.

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