From Daily Use To Business Events - Custom Pens For Every Occassion

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From Office Use To Business Events – Custom Pens For Every Occasion

From Office Use To Business Events – Custom Pens For Every Occasion
Posted on March 15, 2018

Custom pens or personalized logo pens are basically a normal looking pen promoting your business or company. The pens have a plastic or metallic body complete with a refill and a nib along with some space where you can fit in the letters of the company or the service. These letters can be printed or engraved. This is a small yet effective way of making a statement and making your business known. Many websites these days offer such customized merchandise for your business promotion at low prices. Here is an insightful glimpse into the different kinds if custom pens possible.

Here is a list of various kinds of custom pens:

Simple Custom Pens – Suitable For Promotions & Office Stationaries

simple custom pens

A simple custom logo pen has a plastic body with refills available in several ink colors, black and blue being the most preferred. The charges on the printing would depend on what types of font and color you would be using. There are single color printing, double color, and even multi-color printing. Most of the businesses prefer simple ball pens as they are cheap and convenient. Retractable pens are also used in plenty in many offices.

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Middle Range Custom Pens – Best For Giveaways

custom pens

Coming to the middle category of personalized pens, these are the ones that are neither extremely cheap nor too heavy for the pocket. Most of the pens in this category have the same options when it comes to printing the letters and colors.The body gets somewhat better than the common ball pens. You can even get click pens in this range. Usually, these pens do not have a cap. Instead, they are operated by a button on the top that you need to click or press.

One click can take out the nib as the refill is connected to the button (usually with a spring). Another click can make the nib and refill go back inside. Rollerball pens can also be used. For some, gel pens get problematic because the ink gets too fluid and is often not that resistant to water. While for some others, the ink in a ball pen might look unimpressive and bland. A roller ball bridges the gap between these two groups. The roller ball pen feels much smoother when compared to an ordinary ball pen and can stay for longer periods when compared to a rollerball pen.

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High-end Pens – Elegant and Premium Gift Option

premium custom pens

The high-end custom pens are the deluxe custom models. They have a higher stylish aspect to them and usually require more money for this. Instead of the traditional ball pen, companies mostly go for gel pens with more distinct high-quality bodies and inks.

Engraved fountain and ink pens also are additions to this list. These might cost a little more than the others, but they do have a sense of class and finesse to them. Many companies tend to use such pens in targeted marketing visits instead of making them a part of every day at the office. Some deluxe pens might be fancier and have multiple purposes. There are several examples. These can include pens which have a normal nib at one end and an eraser, a highlighter or even a flashlight at the other.

So these are a few varieties of custom pens that businesses can use as a promotion tool. There might be different types, designs, and colors but the best custom pens still would be the ones that are well suited for the particular niche group that the company is targeting. Only then would the custom pens help others to recognize the company and make a mark. The customization of the pens should be dependent on the company’s working and the places where it is to be used such as a library or a hospital.

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