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How To Make Your Corporate Pens Look like A Million Bucks

How To Make Your Corporate Pens Look like A Million Bucks
Posted on July 30, 2018

Many businesses use corporate pens as an indirect advertisement. It happens all the time. You may be in a supermarket and when you need a pen to note down something, you will be given by the bunch of supermarket brand-printed promotional pens. Or, when you are visiting a client and when you hunt for a pen from your pocket or bag, the client will subtly give you one of their company name-printed business logo pens and ask you to keep it for yourself.

These are all subtle methods of branding that is very effective. Everybody uses a pen and when they have a really good quality corporate pen with them, they are bound to use it and that’s how promotions through corporate pens work.

It’s important for brands to leave a lasting impression in the minds of their clients and consumers. The client will be reminded of your business whenever they use one of your corporate pens and the more they are reminded of your business, the more are the probability for them to come back again.

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There are a lot of ways to make your promotional corporate pens look rich and spectacular; here are a few ways to get it to look like a million bucks!

The Right Material is the Key


Right Material


The very important step that you must consider to make your clients love your corporate pens and use it often is by choosing the right material. The right material cannot only give a rich look to the pen but it can also give a rich feel when one holds the pen.

Also, when choosing the materials, it is important to make sure to see how your set of corporate pens writes. A pen which glides in smoothly without any effort is the kind of right corporate pen that will make people want to use it more.

It is a big no-no to use plastic when you are trying to impress people with your corporate pens. Choose a material that when seen looks like it’s pricey; so that your clients know that you have a made an effort with the pen and not given it randomly like a thousand others. Use premium pens for your promotions to make them feel special on seeing the pen you give and that’s only possible with the right pen material.

You can go for a metal pen or a wooden pen that says elegant but also gives a royal look to your corporate pens. It’s important to choose the right color for the corporate pens too. If you are looking for a premium pen, then French pens are the best option. These corporate pens can be given to special people like those in the senior management and to some of your major clients. They look flawless and look like a pen with a class.


Corporate pens for major clients


If you’re looking for more varieties, German pens are also a good option to prefer as they not only look good but they also write well.

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Customize Corporate Pens


Customize Corporate Pens


The whole purpose of gifting a corporate pen is for promotions and branding, therefore it is important to leave your brand’s mark on the pens. Promotional corporate pens are incomplete without branding; print your brand name along with your logo and make it a perfect corporate gift. Get your brand’s name printed at the end of the pen in same yet stylish design so that it doesn’t look like compulsive branding.

Personalized pens are important for marketing campaigns and you can further personalize these corporate pens according to any specific campaign you have underway and use these personalized pen sets to promote it. It may be a campaign for any natural cause, a promotional campaign for one of your products or any social media campaign. You can put in your brand’s identify along with a symbolism of the campaign.

You can keep it handy with you at all times in your office and in any official gatherings or parties and use any opportunity you can to promote your business with the personalized corporate pens. Do you want to thank any clients or suppliers? You can send over a set of premium corporate pens over to them and give them a surprise!

Corporate pens can be customized in any way you want and use for any promotional purposes. There are a lot of businesses that customizes corporate pens in Australia, America, and Asia at affordable rates and you can avail of any of their services.

A Great Packaging to Complement


Compliment Packaging


A corporate gift looks barren without a complete packaging and so are the corporate pens. Get a nice box to go with the corporate pens if you are thinking about presenting it to higher authorities. Choose the packaging well so that it complements the pen inside.

The material of the packaging should be sturdy enough and is best to be of the same material of the corporate pens in some cases like for example, an engraved wooden pen case will go best with a wooden pen. Similarly, you can choose high-quality pen cases for metal pens too; sometimes glass cases too work better with metal pens and yet again stay away from cheap plastics.

As you get nice packaging, leave your brand’s mark on it too. Don’t go overboard and write your brand’s name in big bold letters all over the case. Instead, a small symbol with few words at one of the corners will do.

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