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How To Promote Your Removal Business Using Pens?

How To Promote Your Removal Business Using Pens?
Posted on July 21, 2020

Pen advertisements have undeniably taken over the marketing industry and are quite the game-changer for several small and medium businesses.

Along with the promotional benefits, it might pique your interest that pens have a lot to offer.

Let’s discover some of the unique benefits of a pen for your removal business.

Pen and its promotional value 

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Every removalist business has to come up with remarkable strategies to ensure printing awareness of your services and products.

Here is where promotional items come handy.

Pens are the most conventional yet impressive accessories that never fail to lose their popularity, even amid the digitally-advanced and technology-oriented era.

The writing tool can play an immense role in helping you promote your brand as such.

Read ahead to learn how you can make use of a pen for advertising your brand.

  • Carry pens to professional events – Trade shows, professional exhibitions, and other conventions are consistent events that you might attend. Carrying a pen to such places is an excellent way of advertising your removalist company. While several businesses offer their company merch and other accessories for creating brand awareness, you can make use of customized pens.
  • Design pens for your store – Another impressive way of creating brand awareness for your company is to keep a bunch of pens in your store. In several instances, your customers may need a pen for writing their cheque or even signing other vital documents. Thus, it comes as no surprise that they might ask for a pen. This will eventually lead them to take the pen with them. In the long-run, they may stumble across the pen out of the blue, which might lead them into thinking of your brand.
  • Offer community event freebies – While standing up for a crucial or a good cause makes you considerate, it also simultaneously helps in enhancing the brand identity of your company. Every other community promotes such events for the sole purpose of collecting money for numerous charities. You can take this opportunity to design customized pens and add additional touches to it, such as a bow pen for showcasing the specific anniversary of a cancer awareness event.
  • Add pens as an additional accessory or even a substitute to business cards – Business cards are prominent essentials for driving your business’ brand identity. However, a little uniqueness harmed nobody, did it? While every other company chooses the most conventional path of offering business cards to their customers, you can select the less-trodden way – print your business details on a pen or even better, combine the business card with your company pen for added advertising.
  • Pens are the instant stepping stones in sales calls – Sales calls can be quite daunting and require you to be extremely determined. The core motive of sales calls is to convince the audience to become your prospective clients. While you might give in your everything in these sales calls, it might not be enough to lure prominent customers into investing in your company. Thus, the best way of improving your chances of extending your client base is to offer a small token of appreciation – a pen. You might be stunned to know how many people you impress on offering tokens when you’re busy selling.


To wrap it up, while you could choose the conventional ways of advertising your brand, you can always choose a more distinctive marketing path for a much more profitable promotion of your brand’s services and products.

That being said, selecting a top-notch pen printing company is an indispensable factor for ensuring that you offer quality pens to your customers and associates.

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